Solo: A Star Wars Story offers more than enough to keep fans satisfied.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has quite a few enjoyable moments and sequences, a handful of surprising twists and revelations and a bevy of great performances. For most of the movie, Solo plays out like an action heist with largely forgettable fast and furious action sequences. But like Rogue One before it, Solo fills in a lot of gaps in the Star Wars series. How does Han win the Milennium Falcon from Lando? How does he have a wookie as a co-pilot? What is the Kessel Run (made in less than 12 parsecs) that he brags about? We get answers to all these questions and get to see the Millennium Falcon in all its glory. In short, there is more than enough to keep fans satisfied.

Alden Ehrenreich does a very commendable job of donning the iconic role of Han Solo. While the comradery between Han and Chewie works great, there is no spark in the relationship between Han and Qi’ira. It’s tricky to flesh out characters when the audience knows what happens next in the larger scheme of things, but Ron Howard does a good job keeping us invested in the motley bunch of characters.

For a prequel-sequel of sorts, Solo does a great job wrapping things up. It ties back brilliantly with Rogue One and the larger universe by “giving life to a rebellion”. There is also an extremely gratifying cameo for longtime fans to savor at the end.