Andhadhun is a wildly thrilling ride that will leave you on the very edge of your seat.

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus when it comes to Bollywood movies. With Andhadhun getting universal acclaim, I finally decided to break my rut. My only regret after the movie was not watching it sooner. If ever there was a movie that was worth the hype, it’s this movie. Even for a voracious consumer of thrillers like myself, Andhadhun proved to be a delicious setup.

A “blind” pianist is the sole witness to a murder. When this premise comes wrapped under so many succulent layers, it was enough to sate even my inflated expectations. The first act flows like a soothing melody. You assume (wrongly) that it’s slowing leading to a crescendo, when suddenly out of nowhere, *BAM* you see a dead body lying innocuously in the periphery of the screen. It’s one of the many pulsating scenes in the movie that will leave you speechless. As Ayushmann’s protagonist gets more and more tangled in a web of lies, the stakes also keep mounting.

Ayushmann shines as the conflicted and gifted artist embroiled in a series of escalating events. But the real screen-stealer is Tabu, who does a stupendous job of portraying a forceful, yet vulnerable character.  She exudes an aura of authority as she owns every scene she is in. Radhika Apte is the “normal” love interest amidst all the madness.

The greed and deceit prevalent in the movie reminded me of Guy Ritchie’s brilliant Snatch, where it was every man for himself. Despite the ulterior motives and personal agendas, you want to root for every motley character, from the deranged doctor to the femme fatale herself. It might be nitpicking, but there were times when you had to jog your memory to keep track of each character arc.

The movie is laid out as a cat and mouse game, teeming with unpredictable twists and turns. The best scene in the movie, a confrontation between Tabu and Ayushmann at the latter’s house, was pure popcorn bliss. I also loved how all the loose ends are neatly tied up at the end. Andhadhun is the closest I’ve come to experiencing a cozy thriller novel on the big screen. It is a wildly thrilling ride that will leave you on the very edge of your seat.