El Camino is a nostalgic thrill ride that finally brings closure to one of TV’s most beloved characters.

El Camino is a riveting thriller that focuses on Jesse’s narrative shortly after he escapes from the Neo-Nazis’ meth facility. After a brief visit to his old pals Skinny Pete and Badger, Jesse starts hunting for money that will enable him to escape New Mexico and start a new life of his own. As expected, El Camino has Breaking Bad cameos sprinkled throughout its two-hour runtime.

While I had never followed Breaking Bad as religiously as Game of Thrones nor recapped every season of it, I was still able to appreciate most of the Easter Eggs in the movie, much to my delight. The memories came flooding back and reminded me why the entire world fell in love with the show (as long as they braved their way past the first few episodes). It is to Vince Gilligan’s credit that none of these fan-favorite cameos seem forced and are used only to effectively further Jesse’s story. I found the scenes featuring Jesse and one of his ex-captors surprisingly memorable.

Some intelligent camerawork adds a palpable layer of tension and complements Vince Gilligan’s engaging script rather nicely. Despite the technical finesse and nostalgic rush working in its favor, El Camino could have easily fallen apart but for Aaron Paul’s intense portrayal of a man suffering PTSD. He owns the role of Jesse Pinkman yet again, and El Camino finally brings closure to the beloved character in a thoroughly satisfying manner.