The Mandalorian is an exhilarating thrill-ride through the lesser-known planets of the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian is to the Star Wars universe what Netflix’s Daredevil was to the MCU. Just as Daredevil was confined to the shady streets of Hell Kitchen, The Mandalorian steers clear from the Skywalker saga. Despite no lightsaber duels or even a mention of Skywalker, The Mandalorian proves (just like Daredevil), that you can create a truly amazing series with smaller stakes and a less sprawling storyline.

The Mandalorian seems to have two different arcs in its opening season. While there’s an overarching storyline of the eponymous Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) saving the Child from the dangerous remnants of the Empire, there are a few episodes that feel more episodic, where Mando and Baby Yoda visit a new planet each week. Some of these standalone episodes, like The Gunslinger, don’t necessarily find the target, but for the most part, they are quite fun and feel organic to the development of the characters.

Pedro Pascal does an excellent job in the lead role as the masked Mandalorian, but it was undoubtedly Baby Yoda, who won over the internet and everyone’s hearts from the moment he appeared on the show. While he makes a valid claim for being the cutest and most adorable character in pop culture, Baby Groot just about pips Baby Yoda for me.

While the first season of The Mandalorian is an exciting quest through the lesser-known planets of the Star Wars universe, it brilliantly manages to capture the feel of Star Wars. It also leaves us with a galaxy full of possibilities for Season 2, with more new planets to explore, new threats to face, and a new quest to complete.