Lying Cat is one of the standout characters and a huge fan-favorite in Bryan K. Vaughan’s epic sci-fiction/fantasy comic Saga. She’s a tiger-sized, hairless blue Sphynx cat, who loudly announces “LYING” whenever she detects someone lying. This is both as amazing and obnoxious as it sounds.

1. As one would expect, she isn’t big on hyperbole and calls people out on their bullshit…


2. …which, er, makes her a bit of a liability during negotiations.


3. She isn’t much better than Sheldon when it comes to detecting sarcasm…


4. …which sometimes, inadvertently lead to glowing compliments.


5. Like any loyal pet companion,  she is fiercely protective of her friends…


6. …and really, really cares for them.


Lying Cat is just amazing and so darn cute. With fake news running amok across the globe, she was rather fittingly declared the official mascot of 2017! You should definitely check out Saga, if you haven’t already.