As supplementary reading to the Season 1 recap, we count down some of the best moments from the season. Even if you can’t rewatch all the episodes, these scenes require mandatory viewing.

10. Keeping Up with the Starks


The only time in the show when all the Starks are truly happy is in the pilot episode when they are all still together in Winterfell, waiting for King Robert to arrive. There is a cute scene when Arya gatecrashes Bran’s archery practice by hitting the bulls-eye, before Ned and the boys go on a family picnic of sorts for a beheading. Enjoy it all while it lasts. It ain’t happening again.

9. Trial by Combat (ft. Bronn)


This marks the beginning of a fruitful relationship between the Lannister brothers and Bronn. Even though we didn’t know Bronn well enough then, we root for him since Tyrion’s life is on the line. It’s also the first time we see Bronn’s unorthodox, but highly effective fighting skills.

8. Syrio Forel’s Last Dance


Arya’s dancing teacher, Syrio Forel was an instant fan favorite. While his lessons with Arya were delightful, he will always be remembered for his quote:

“What do we say to the God of Death?”

“Not today.”

The First Sword of Braavos meets a pointy end, but not before nearly beating 5 attackers with a wooden sword.

7. A Golden Crown for a King

GOT Golden Crown

Khal Drogo presents a golden crown for Viserys by pouring a pot of molten gold on his head for one of the show’s most satisfying deaths.

6. Summer to Bran’s rescue

GOT Saves Bran

With Catelyn struggling to hold off the assassin and the tension mounting, a furry shape attacks the assassin and savagely tears off his throat. The direwolves are scantly used in the show, but this was an exhilarating and extremely satisfying moment.

5. Bran’s Fall

GOT Bran's Fall

The nonchalant way in which Jaime pushes Bran out of the window was the first clear indication that Game of Thrones wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries and shatter expectations.

4. Jaime vs Ned

Jaime vs Ned

While Ned is not considered as good a swordsman as Jaime in the books, the show had hyped up Ned’s skills. When the pair eventually duel, it’s EPIC. But unfortunately, one of the Lannister men intervenes and stabs Ned in the leg just when it was getting exciting.

3. King in the North – Part 1 (ft. Robb)

GOT King of the North 1a

While the sight of Robb emerging triumphant from the Whispering Woods after brilliantly outmaneuvering Jaime Lannister was uplifting, it’s when the Northern lords declare for Robb and shout “THE KING IN THE NORTH” that you want to join in the raucous chant.

2. The death of Ned Stark

GOT Ned's Death

Tense, horrific, dumbfounded! Ned Stark’s execution will remain as one of the most shocking moments in TV history. We’ve all watched Sean Bean die so many times that we should have gotten used to it. But this is the one that hurts the most.

1. Fire and Blood

GOT Dragon Reborn 1a

Daenerys Targaryen emerging unscathed from the smoldering embers of a funeral pyre with 3 baby dragons is an incredible scene that still sends chills down my spine every time I rewatch it. The season finale ends with Drogon’s screech and Ramin Djwadi’s epic background score to mark one of the most iconic moments in the show.

Honorable Mention:

Slapsgiving – While there might be other better scenes, there is nothing that gives more satisfaction than seeing Joffrey slapped.


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