With the final season of Game of Thrones fast approaching, here is a quick-ish summary of all 7 seasons and 67 hours of TV’s greatest ever spectacle. This is a recap of Season 7.

After 6 seasons of carefully plotted and realistic fantasy drama, Season 7 feels rushed as character (re)unions are somewhat contrived and characters seem to teleport across Westeros in no time. But despite these niggling issues, the season is packed with some truly awesome sequences.


After ousting the Boltons from their ancestral home, Jon and Sansa constantly bicker about ruling the North. When Sam, who is working at the Westerosi equivalent of Wikipedia, reads about a hidden cache of dragonglass at Dragonstone, Jon decides to make the trip south.

In Jon’s absence, there are more Stark reunions at Winterfell. First to arrive is Bran, who creeps out Sansa by talking about her wedding night, while Arya, who is the next to arrive, scares the hell out of her. When Littlefinger makes the fatal mistake of underestimating the Stark siblings and tries to drive a wedge between Professor X, Mystique and Jean GreySansa, his lies finally catch up to him and he ends up getting his throat slit.

King’s Landing, Dragonstone, and The Wall

At King’s Landing, a deranged Cersei Lannister recruits the equally deranged Euron Greyjoy to her cause, much to Jaime’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen finally sets foot on Westeros soil, when her ships land at Dragonstone. Tyrion, the Hand of the Queen, concocts a plan to usurp Cersei, using the combined might of the Dothraki, Tyrells, Martells, and Greyjoys, who have declared for Dany.

In a surprising turn of events, Tyrion well-laid plans come to naught. His gambit to lay siege to King’s Landing by the Martells and the Greyjoys is thwarted, when Euron’s ships intercept them on Cersei bidding. After Cersei exacts her revenge on the Martells (for Myrcella’s death), she brilliantly outmaneuvers Tyrion again by posting a skeleton force at Casterly Rock, and letting Dany’s Unsullied take the Rock, while her main Lannister army conquers Highgarden, the Tyrell stronghold which is teeming with gold and grain. After the twin blows dealt by Cersei, Dany finally decides to unleash her dragons and Dothraki horde. The Lannister army retreating to King’s Landing is soundly beaten, and Jaime narrowly escapes from being burned alive.

At Dragonstone, Dany gives Jon permission to mine for dragonglass, after Jon’s sales pitch about the undead army. To convince Cersei, who is skeptical of the Night King’s existence, Tyrion comes up with a plan of bringing one of the wights alive to show-and-tell. A motley team, comprising of Jon, Jorah, Gendry, and the Brotherhood Without Banners (the Hound, Beric, and Thoros), is assembled for the expedition beyond the Wall. After capturing the wight, the group is trapped and stranded on a patch of ice for daysthe amount of time it takes for Gendry to run several marathons to reach the Wall, a raven to reach Dany at Dragonstone, and for Dany to get dressed up and come flying on her (GPS-enabled?) dragons. The rescue mission goes horribly wrong when the Night Kings kills one of the dragons and resurrects it as an ice dragon, which later tears down the Wall and allows the White Walkers to set foot on Westeros for the first time in 8,000 years.

When proof of the undead army is presented to Cersei at King’s Landing, an uneasy truce is established to temporarily halt hostilities. In the final moments of the season, Jon and Dany get together, as Bran and Sam unearth a crucial piece of history. Jon’s biological parents, Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually married in secret, which means Jon is the trueborn heir to the Iron Throne!

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