As supplementary reading to the Season 4 recap, we count down some of the best moments from the season. Season 4 is roughly based on the second half of A Storm of Swords, which happens to be the best book in the entire series and is packed with so many game-changing twists and turns.

10. Hound/Arya vs Brienne/Pod


Game of Thrones has a penchant for pairing unlikely characters together on hilarious road trips. When two of these pairs run into each other, Brienne offers to take custody of Arya. The Hound isn’t having any of this, and the two end up fighting, quite literally, tooth and nail.

9. Moon Door


While Littlefinger pushing Lysa out of the Moon Door was an expected twist, Sansa’s ‘confession’ to bail him out was quite brilliant.

8. The Night King


This creepy ritual was a huge deal for book readers, who learned more about the White Walkers in these 5 minutes than in 5 clunky books!

7. Bran’s Vision


Bran’s Weirwood-fueled visions are intriguing – an abandoned Iron Throne, snowfall in King’s Landing indicating winter has come, and more tantalizingly, a massive dragon shadow flying over King’s Landing. When coupled with the Three-Eyed Raven’s declaration that Bran will never walk again, but will fly, this vision can mean a lot more!

6. The Purple Wedding


Joffrey’s nuptial poisoning feels like poetic justice for the Red Wedding. Arya was probably annoyed she couldn’t do the honors herself, but fans around the world were happy with the satisfyingly violent manner of his death.

5. The Adventures of Arya and the Hound


Arya and the Hound square off against the Mountain’s men in a scene reminiscent of a Tarantino movie for its absurd, but brilliant dialogues. HBO cheated us of a great scene when the Tickler was killed by Jaqen H’ghar instead of Arya, but they make amends by substituting the Tickler with Poliver, another of the Mountain’s henchmen, who happens to be on Arya’s list.

4. The Trail of Tyrion Lannister


Emmy darling Peter Dinklage outdoes himself with a stirring soliloquy as he vents out his resentment towards his family. While in the books, the scene ends with Oberyn agreeing to be Tyrion’s champion, I was more than happy to have the show end with Tyrion’s satisfied look before the screen fades to Rains of Castamere.

3. The Murder of Tywin Lannister

6. Tywin

Tyrion has a final ‘heart-to-heart’ with his father, before unloading a couple of crossbow bolts. Another gratifying death.

2. Battle of Castle Black


In its biggest battle since ‘Blackwater Bay’, Game of Thrones delivers yet again with so many great moments – giants wielding bow-and-arrow and riding mammoths, intense duels (Alister Thorne vs Tormund, Jon vs Styr), Ghost getting to rip off a few throats and finally Ygritte dying heartbreakingly in Jon’s arms.

1. The Mountain and the Viper


In one of the most riveting fights in the show’s history, Oberyn seeks vengeance for his sister and her children, while defending Tyrion. Oberyn gains the upper hand against the hulking Mountain with some acrobatic and graceful moves. As he circles the fallen Mountain continuously taunting, ‘you raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children,’ he gets momentarily distracted. That’s the only opening the Mountain needs, and he knocks Oberyn down and gouges his eyes out, all the while confessing to his crimes.

As good as this scene was, it’s still so much better in the books.

Honorable Mentions:

Bran warging into Hodor, Stoneheart (don’t google if you don’t know this already), Oathbringerkeeper, Valar Morghulis, and Ser Pounce!

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